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        In vitro diagnostic equipment、Emergency equipment in operating room

        【In vitro diagnostic equipment】

        As a special exhibition item with distinguishing features built by CMEE with emphasis, taking the "Displaying the cutting-edge technologies to promote the development of industry " as the guiding ideology, In vitro diagnosis zone attaches the importance to create the largest exchange platform with the largest scale, the combination of academics and technology, and reconciliation of terminal and channel in Shandong Province.

        【Emergency equipment in operating room】

        “"Life is priceless while technology will escort". Operating room and emergency equipment exhibition zone gather the most cutting-edge medical equipment of operating room, ICU and anesthesia. Every year, the organizing committee keeps close communication with leading enterprises at home and abroad within the industry, so as to make sure the most cutting-edge technology and the most advanced equipment can land on Shandong.


        Hospital equipment、Medical electronic equipment、Consumables

        【Hospital equipment】

        The special item exhibition of hospital equipment mainly includes products such as sensing and control equipment, medical beds, hospital furniture and so on.

        【Medical electronic equipment】

        As an significant special item of CMEE, taking "leading by technology, complete categories and excellent service" as the exhibition tenet, it provides more than one thousand kinds of good performed medical electronic equipment for medical market in Shandong every year, covering all departments of hospital, which can satisfy the demands of medical equipment from medical units at all levels in our province.


        Based on the rapid development of medical and health units in our province, the special zone of consumables has been always attached the importance to promote the technological level of consumables in our province. "Humanistic medical treatment with care first; professional innovation with technology as the key" is the persistent pursuit of this special zone. It is a solemn promise from the exhibitioners in the CMEE special zone of consumables that the patients will be comfortable and the hospitals will be at ease with top quality and good price.

        C 主題區

        Medical image equipment

        【Medical image equipment】

        The exhibition area of medical image equipment gathers the most top supply enterprises at home and abroad. Well-known manufacturers like GE, Philips, Hitachi, Shenzhen SonoScape, Shantou Goworld, etc., will present you more than ten items of latest products and show you the latest medical image technology.

        D 康復家庭醫療展區

        Rehabilitation and home medical equipment

        As the most mature special zone of the CMEE, rehabilitation special item exhibition has developed for seven sessions of the expo, drawing the attention from many exhibitors at home and abroad with focus on the hot fields of rehabilitation medicine. It collects authoritative experts in rehabilitation field at home and abroad to make keynote speeches in the expo, and invites the excellent enterprises in the industry to display their products. In recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening up in China, as well as the rapid development of China's economy, it has a great change for the civils‘ consumption level and concept. Similarly, China's society is accelerating in aging, and the "silver hair economy" is becoming more and more conspicuous. All these promote the vigorous development of the home medical equipment industry.

        E 口腔學術會配套專項展

        Dental equipment and consumables

        With the development of oral medicine in China and the improvement of people's living conditions, as well as the culture and consumption level, they are more and more demanding of medical technology and service, thus the needs for top-grade and high-quality oral medical equipment and materials are increasing. There are more than two thousand kinds of exhibits will be displayed in this season's oral medicine fair, attracting around five thousand people to the expo.

        Outdoor exhibition area 醫用車輛展區

        Medical vehicles

        According to the hospital equipment level in Shandong, as well as the characteristics of medical patients and the traffic conditions in Shandong, with deep ploughing and meticulous cultivation, it provides the various best hospital special vehicles such as ambulance and health examination vehicles for medical and health units in Shandong by several years of expo experience.

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